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Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian (p-addixxx) Burrell<br/><br/>
Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian Burrell<br/><br/>
Seneca Learn Id: raburrell<br/><br/>
Seneca Learn Id: raburrell<br/><br/>
Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca<br/><br/>
Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca<br/><br/>
[[http://f6-preview.awardspace.com/klassiccpp.com/_proj_downloads/gofish.rar Download Go Fish V1.0.0.0 ]]<br/>
This is a text base game which simulates the playing of the card game 'Go Fish'. I began working on it near the<br/>end of my second semester at Seneca college after being oriented with the awesome power of object oriented programming in C++. <br/>Its the first official release so it might be buggy <br/>but look out for further releases because i try to improve on it when i can <br/><br/>
[[http://f6-preview.awardspace.com/klassiccpp.com/_proj_downloads/hotelastra.rar  Download Hotel Astra V1.0.0.0 ]]
<p>  I soon will be releasing a namespace called 'util' which will have a set of utility function that user's of the C++ language might need to perform <br/>simple tasks. With every 5 new functions I add to the namespace I will make a new release so keep your eyes peeped.

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Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian Burrell

Seneca Learn Id: raburrell

Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca