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Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian (p-addixxx) Burrell<br/><br/>
Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian Burrell<br/><br/>
Seneca Learn Id: raburrell<br/><br/>
Seneca Learn Id: raburrell<br/><br/>
Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca<br/><br/>
Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca<br/><br/>

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Name:Ramone Anthony Dadrian Burrell

Seneca Learn Id: raburrell

Email: raburrell@learn.senecac.on.ca, burrellramone@yahoo.ca

[Download Go Fish V1.0.0.0 ]
This is a text base game which simulates the playing of the card game 'Go Fish'. I began working on it near the
end of my second semester at Seneca college after being oriented with the awesome power of object oriented programming in C++.
Its the first official release so it might be buggy
but look out for further releases because i try to improve on it when i can

[Download Hotel Astra V1.0.0.0 ]
This is a simple hotel reservation application which uses file stream class of C++ to create , save and read reservations that have been
made with the system for the single entity. If you are an Administrator (validated by administrator code) the user has the ability to view
the hotel status which show the number of Standard,Suite, Deluxe and smoking rooms currently available, to change the administrator code
and to generate a text file to represent the hotel status.

I soon will be releasing a namespace called 'util' which will have a set of utility function that user's of the C++ language might need to perform
simple tasks. With every 5 new functions I add to the namespace I will make a new release so keep your eyes peeped.