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Basic Lab:

 1. Preparing Eclipse      1)Goto Eclipse from
    1)Choose Classic 3.6.0 and download it.
    2)unzip eclipse to c:\eclipse\ide_java folder
    3)click eclipse.exe in c:\eclipse\ide_java\eclipse
    4)Workspace type ./wksp/Basics/lab
 2. Creating your first Java project
    1)Click file->new->Java project.
    2)Project name type MyfirstPrj, click finish.
 3. Browsing Java elements using the package explorer
 4. Editing Java elements
 5. Creating a Java class
 6. Renaming Java elements
 7. Moving and copying Java elements
 8. Navigate to a Java element's declaration
 9. Viewing the type Hierarchy
 10.Searching the workbench
 11.Running your programs
 12.Debugging your programs
 13.Evaluating expressions
 14.Evaluating snippets
 15.Using the Java browsing perspective
 16.Writing and running JUnit tests