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October 22nd 2010

My project 0.1 release has changed, music.js was way over my head and I need to take some smaller steps to get to my goal. Instead I've modified some demos and created my own using DSP.js and beatdetektor.js. Later I'll get into music.js and use it to feed these other libraries. I have a much better idea now of what I want to do with audio data api after exploring a bit and working with it.

My goal for 0.2 release will be to produce some more complex demos, and to create a very simple 'music' object that maybe repeats 4 bars over and over. I also want to make my beat detektor demo into a bookmarklet that can be applied to any webpage to make the letters inside a 'p' block to dance.

September 30th

I will be working primarily with music.js for this project.

To begin, and to become with music.js, I will modify bloop to use music.js. This will be my 0.1 release. After I've finished with this, I'll have a better idea of where I can work and how I can fit into the 'big picture'.

Project Leader(s)

It currently looks as though I'm the only one working on this. here is my personal wiki page!

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Project News

Friday Oct 22nd Completely forgot about this wiki, a lot has happened in the last few weeks.

1) Researched several resources on the Audio_Data_api that I was referred to by Alistair MacDonald, the author of many music visualization libraries. audio data api Webkit audio spec

some of his work on music.js notes and scales music.js

After realizing this was really complicated I set about some easier tasks.

First, I got a song simply playing in a browser. This was much easier after learning that mp3s are not supported in audio tag in Firefox. I downloaded an mp3->ogg converter and got to buisiness.

next, I made a series of painful attempts to make some kind of cool demo. In the end, I adapted an existing demo and put whatever song I wanted in it, this demo is here. I also made LoadedMetaData event function actually draw meta data out of the track, instead of having it hard coded.

I then made some more flailing blunders trying to make something cool work, and last night I finally put something together with the help of Charles J Cliffe, author of Beatdetektor.js. Using one of his very complex demos I made one of my own which plays a song, detects its' beat and pulses some text on the screen. My demo can be found here.

Those two demos are my 0.1 release, and although it doesn't seem like very much this had a very high learning curve for me. Now that I know how these building blocks work I think I can put together something really successful for 0.2 release.