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Paul Brown
I am The Hulk... except not fat.
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Hi, My name is Paul. I like long walks on the wikipedia, and I absolutely despise Twitter. Some of my hobbies include going to the Youtube Theatres, reading at the IMDB Newstand, and hanging out at Facebook Café.


Project development page for the text editor being developed in class.

Link: Project Development

The Saloon

An open source project I started mid-August of 2010 to replace an old chat program that is used frequently in the BYOND community. More information on the development page.

Link: The Saloon


Minecraft is a game programmed in Java by a guy that goes by "Notch", it's basically 3d lego with monsters. I run a server for the game, however due to grief, I will not be posting the server address or website here, if you would like to play please contact me directly for the address.

Link: Minecraft


BYOND is a software suite mainly for the creation of games, it's language(DM) is a mixture of C and Python, and is a great way to get into game development really quickly if you want to see results today(as apposed to other languages where it can take weeks to see results on screen).