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Osman "Ozzy" Mirza
Background Information
Born December 9th, 1986
Hounslow West, Middlesex, Greater London, England
Occupation 3rd Semester Student at Seneca College School of Computer Studies
4 Year Partner at Starbucks Coffee Co. Canada
Contact Information
My Blog
Academic Information
Learn Account omirza
Seneca ID 057-651-093
Program Computer Programming & Analysis (Co-op)
Semester 3
Cumulative GPA 3.9

Osman "Ozzy" Mirza is a 3rd semester student at Seneca School of Computer Studies. Also he is going on 4 years this November as a partner at Starbucks Coffee Co.

OOP344 Team


Currently Enrolled Courses

  • CPP100 - Co-op
    • Section: H
  • DBS301 - Database Design II and SQL using Oracle
    • Section: A
  • INT322 - Web Programming on UNIX
    • Section: A
  • OOP344 - Object Oriented Programming II Using C++
    • Section: A
  • PSY172 - Group Dynamics
    • Section: YA
  • SYS366 - Requirements Gathering using OO Models
    • Section: A

Contact Information

E-Mail Address:

Window Live Messenger:

My Blog:


IRC Nickname:


Quotes From The Semester

Fardad: "Give me the different types of integers"
Ozzy: "1, 2, 3, 4"

Ozzy: "Wait, you're a third semester computer programming student; and you DON'T know how to make a web page?"
Student: "Yeah"

Fardad: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Languages ran with GOTO statements...

Fardad: When you go to McDonalds and order a combo 2, you also get a fries and a drink. This Array is combo 2!

Fardad: We want the beginning of the array so it's just a. If we want to be IPC144 safe &a[0];

Student: Don't you need an asterisk?
Fardad: NONONONO!! The combo number 2 from McDonalds is doing the asterisk for me!!

Fardad: Don't do this: while(A < B, C > D) It doesn't make sense!
Ozzy: What does that even mean?
Fardad: It means ... It means I'm stupid don't do it!