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(UNX510 - BASH Shell Scripting)
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===UNX510 - BASH Shell Scripting ===
===DSA555 - Data Structures & Algorithms ===
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<dl style="margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-top:0.2em;line-height:1.5em;"><dd>
<i>Further information: [https://scs.senecac.on.ca/course/unx510 UNX510]</i>
<i>Further information: [https://scs.senecac.on.ca/course/dsa555 DSA555]</i>
===PRO608 - Multimedia Authoring ===
===PRO608 - Multimedia Authoring ===

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Natesh Mayuranathan

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Occupation CPAC student
IRC Tesh_
Development Blog http://nateshmayuranathan.blogspot.com
Personal Blog http://cholantesh.wordpress.com/
github https://github.com/cholantesh
Twitter https://twitter.com/cholantesh
Seneca Email nmayuranathan

Natesh Mayuranathan is a Seneca College School of Computer Studies Student. Having completed his second co-op term, Natesh is entering his penultimate semester of the Computer Programming and Analysis program. Natesh's programming interests include web programming, game development and embedded systems. He is especially interested in academic and enterprise applications of software development. In his spare time, Natesh is a member of the Confidently Speaking Toastmasters club, plays Settlers of Catan, and argues passionately over minor, piddling things.

Current courses

PRJ666 - Project Implementation

Further information: PRJ666

DSA555 - Data Structures & Algorithms

Further information: DSA555

PRO608 - Multimedia Authoring

Further information: PRO608

WSA500 - Web Services Architecture

Further information: WSA500

Past Projects


  • A text-based multiplayer RPG in the vein of Mob Wars
  • Code to be published under GPL in the future.