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I'm currently in my 5th semester at Seneca!
I feel like I have nothing interesting to say today, so i'll fill this in later...

Favourite Language

C - Even though most of the time I feel like I'm at war with it.


Programming, Martial-Arts, Cooking, Dirt-Biking, Games, Computers, Electro-Technology, Chillin'

Week One

Stuff that struck me about the licenses:

BSD License:
1. Wow. this is a compact license!
2. Lots of Freedom
3. Looks like it exists just to protect you from any liability. all you hold is a copyright.

Skype End User:
1. Relatively small for an end-user agreement
2. Downloading a Skype product MEANS you accept the entire agreement.
3. They protect themselves from liability through a prohibited use clause see -> 6.3 Prohibited Use