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Joined 4 September 2008
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About Me

My name is Nino D'Aversa. I am a seventh semester BSD student expecting to graduate in April 2009. I'm engaged to be married on July 25, 2009. I have a passion for music and Formula 1.


DPS911 - Add GPS Support to Windows Mobile

My project page can be found here.

DPS909 - Update TryServer to work with Hg (Mercurial)

My project page can be found here.

DPS909 - Adding tel support for Windows Mobile

Project page can be found here.

FSOSS Report

My FSOSS Report can be found here.



-Provided build times for Patrick Lam's project Profile the build system.
-Helped Blassey from #wince test/debug modifications to build tools for visual studio 8 (Nov-24-2008)
-Helped mfinkle get internet working on the windows mobile emulator (Nov-28-2008)
-Tested l10n script on windows for Armen
-Tested <video> tags for Aaron, found an assert when selecting text for the timestamp