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About Me

My name is Nino D'Aversa. I am a seventh semester BSD student expecting to graduate in April 2009. I'm engaged to be married on July 25, 2009. I have a passion for music and racing (Formula 1, there is no other).

DPS909 Term Project - Update TryServer to work with Hg (Mercurial)

My project page can be found here.

FSOSS Report

My FSOSS Report can be found here.


Modifying Firefox using an Extension Lab xpi file
Real World Mozilla First XPCOM Component Lab zip


-Provided build times for Patrick Lam's project Profile the build system.
-Helped Blassey from #wince test/debug modifications to build tools for visual studio 8 (Nov-24-2008) -Helped mfinkle get internet working on the windows mobile emulator