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Pages I have created:
* [[Ubuntu Guide]]
* [http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Category:Studio Ubuntu Studio]
* [[testing_bp]]
== '''Your Linux "Guide on the Side"''' ==
This WIKI is a resource for people to learn how to work in the Open Source environment.<br />
Below are links to pages to provide useful help.
'''Why Should I Use Linux?'''
* Why Should I Use Linux?
* What is Ubuntu?<br /><br />
'''Setting up Ubuntu:'''
* Install Ubuntu (Linux OS)
* Customize Ubuntu
* Install Applications in Ubuntu
* Create a Diskless Computer Lab (LTSP - Edubuntu)<br /><br />
'''Application Help:'''
* Open Office
* Gimp
* Audacity
* Cinelerra
* MPlayer
* Mythtv
* Cxoffice (Run MS Office in Linux)
* Educational Software (Kids)
* Educational Software (High-school / College)
* Educational software (Adult)
* Taking Screen Captures
* List of Useful Applications (by Category)<br /><br />
* Cedega Gaming Service (Play PC games on Linux)
* Frozen Bubble
* Planet Penguin Racer (formerly Tux Racer)
* Open Arena
* kxmame
<br /><br />
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<span style="border-width:0">[[Image:ubuntu-logo.png ]]</span>
<h1>Why Should I Use Linux?</h1>
Good Question. Linux is a <u>free</u> operating system that is based on the Unix operating system created in the late 1960s.
Basically, most things that you can do in Windows can be done in Linux.<br /><br />
The Linux operating system is especially favoured as a low-cost solution to run various servers (web, ftp, etc). It is also used as a cost-effective platform to develop software.

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Pages I have created: