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'''Why Should I Use Linux:'''
'''Why Should I Use Linux?'''
* Youtube video: Why Use Linux? (Video made with ''Cinelerra'' application)
* Why Use Linux?
* What is Ubuntu?<br /><br />
* What is Ubuntu?<br /><br />

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Your Linux "Guide on the Side"

This WIKI is a resource for people to learn how to work in the Open Source environment.
Below are links to pages to provide useful help.

Why Should I Use Linux?

  • Why Use Linux?
  • What is Ubuntu?

Setting up Ubuntu:

  • Install Ubuntu (Version of Linux Operating System)
  • Customize Ubuntu
  • Install Applications in Ubuntu
  • Creating an Inexpensive Computer Lab (LTSP)

Application Help:

  • Open Office
  • Gimp
  • Audacity
  • Cinelerra
  • MPlayer
  • Mythtv
  • Cxoffice (Run MS Office in Linux)