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Welcome to Reza's Page

About Me

  • My name is Mohammad-Reza Akbari; it is my full name but I usually just called “Reza”. I am originally from Afghanistan, by originally I mean my parents are from Afghanistan. I was born and grew up in Iran, but I had never held any piece of Iranian Government ID. I was raised in a poor family, but I didn’t really feel the poverty pain in my childhood because I was born with pain. I have Neurological disorders which calls Peripheral Neuropathy (Also known as Charcot Marie Tooth). I usually refer to my childhood as the dark side of moon; for me it’s full of pain and sad stories, but for people it’s a curious part that they want to know. My family moved to Canada in September 2007. We start our new life in one of the most multicultural cities in the world Toronto the most beautiful and crowded city in the province of Ontario. My first year in Canada was not as I expected; I started to call the Hospitals and Doctor Clinics as my second home, I was under the microscope of Specialists. I did not attend any school for almost one year, but after I was released from Doctors I went to upgrade my High School credits by attending the CALC (City Adult Learning Centre). I am studying Computer Programming & Analysis at Seneca College. I am expected to graduated by December 2013.


  • This page is for my current subject OOP344 which I am taking this summer.