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Matthew Schranz
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Background information
Born September 23 1988
Thornhill, Ontario
Program of Study Seneca College CPA
IRC mjschranz
My Blog

Matthew John Schranz is a Seneca College School of Computer Studies Student.

OOP344 Team Wiki


Courses Learning

OOP344- Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ , (Introduction to Open Source)

Further information: OOP344

INT322- Web Programming on Unix

Further information: INT322

DBS301- Database Design II and SQL using Oracle

Further information: DBS301

EAC397 - Business Report Writing

Further information: EAC397

EAC504YA - Best-Selling Fiction

Further information: EAC504

Contact Information

Non-Seneca Email:
Seneca E-mail Address:
My Blog:
IRC nickname: mjschranz