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Setup the postgresql-connection

For testing the connection, the '' is being used.

Installed the Installer version Version 9.0.1-1 from list of PostgreSQL downloads.
Installed the JDBC3 Postgresql Driver, Version 9.0-801 @ and added it to the libraries in JDK
The driver class which is being used for NexJ Express Model is: org.postgresql.xa.PGXADataSource
The driver is loaded from and
Metadata is loaded from the particular driver
   /* */
         s_metadata = loadMetadata(ADAPTER_NAME);

   /* */
   protected static Metadata loadMetadata(String sAdapter)
      Properties props = SysUtil.getConfigProperties();  // sets DEFAULT_CONFIG_URL = '/' + NAMESPACE + "/default.config"
      props = new Properties(props);
      props.setProperty(XMLMetadataLoader.CONNECTIONS_URL_PROPERTY, "/nexj/" + sAdapter.toLowerCase(Locale.ENGLISH) + ".connections");  // sets the properties to postgresql.connection
After all properties are loaded, it creates the connection through Connection Factory files.

Files to Configure

NOTE: Changes to these files are involved with 1-Port, which should be: 5432, and 2- Driver package that should change to org.postgresql.xa.PGXADataSource

system.dstype // This file calles and creates the connection // Sets the default properties for the supported drivers // Sets the custom fragment properties for the supported drivers
Driver type and some other properties in // Sets the connection for the particular adapter type
default.config // change to these four files are: adapter="PostgreSQL" port="5432"