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CanTire Internship



  • CSLA
Continue with Tutorials
Read Csla.pdf
csla Definition
  • VN Super Alert
Read the documentation -> TeamSite - SharedDocuments
Work on the application code from PVCS
  • Ladan - CSI
Documentation -> CSI - TeamSite
  • SharePoint
Tutorial video
Sharepoint Guide @ \\PRD422\cl_serv\Net\sharepoint 2007\
Good Videos @ : Good Videos @
  • How to create InTireNet in a development environment
\\PRD422\cl_serv\Net\InTireNet\Development Environment\How to...

Notes / Error / Challenge

  • Plan view still not working
  • In Continuing Education project in Visual Studio, when I tried to open the .aspx page in the Desing mode instead of Source, it took a long time to refresh because it needed to render all the controls. So, never open it in Design
  • stsadm.exe can be found here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN
Added to the PATH using mossAdmin
  • DLLs for SharePoint can be found here:(InTireNet)
  • Create a Web application
Create an empty site using the given port
Go to application Managment in 'Central Admin' While the selected web application is yours, then 'Create Site Collection' using any template and use 'mossAdmin' as the admin of the site. (Titles->MyApps, Url->/Sites/VNSuperAlert)
  • For deploying a solution again
Instead of retracting the solution, deletesolution from command line would work with -override option then deploy again (go to the .wsp file location, then -> stsadm -o deletesolution -name whatever.wsp -override)
  • Applying a change to the solution
Change something in the code (VS), then build the solution, drag and drop the created .dll file from the /bin to the GAC -> (C:\Windows\Assembly)
Restart IIS through admin
Replace the .aspx page in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\CanTire.ContinuingEducation\ with the one in the project
When the changes are fine and need to deploy, create the .wsp file again and deploy it
  • To Deploy Continuing Education
Craete a web application -> use default
Create Site Collection -> name:Home, admin: mossAdmin
Run the new application -> Create -> Sites -> name:Continuing Education, url:/ContinuingEducation
Upload the site template -> ContinueEd.stp
Deploy the solution to the Central Admin
  • To add a default item to a list in
use item.Insert(position, value)
Do it after DataBind()
  • To debug a webpart
Do the change in both .cs and .aspx pages -> e.g. ContinuingEducation.Layouts.ApplicationNew.aspx
Build the solutiom and drag the new .dll file to the GAC (Assembly)
Copy the aspx page from the project and paste it to the solution package in the Sharepoint -> e.g. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\CanTire.ContinuingEducation\
Restart IIS
Click on Debug -> Attach to process -> w3wp.exe
Run the application on IE -> the breakpoints will be hit
  • All the fields are created from columns of the Sharepoint application into the field.xml.


  • Asp.Net
Custom Controls -> Creating custom web control
  • SharePoint
Tutorial video
Sharepoint Guide @ \\PRD422\cl_serv\Net\sharepoint 2007\
Customize -> custom actions
Good Videos @
Microsoft book
how to deploy saved site template
[ stsadm]
Steps to install wsp file in stsadm -> very good! (uninstall feature, deactivate feature...)
  • Team Rules
  • CSLA
Read Csla.pdf
csla Definition