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User Interface Design

Book X Power-Chris Tyler
Mozilla Design Challenges
Chris Zalwinsky Resources Design Everyday Things
Chris Resources Human Computer Interaction
Organic User Interface[2]
MIT User Interface Design Course[3]
Larry Tesler (Apple, Xerox) [4]
Home Page[5]
Modeless Interface [6]
23 & Me [7]

Resources for College


  • Good Blogs
Pick the brain
[ Bird's Brain]
Design BLog
[ TechChurch]
  • Books To Read
The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have
And Then There were none BY Agatha Christie
The Opposable Mind
TED talk of Dan Pink
What every BODY is saying
  • Dictionary
Urban Dictionary
English teaching-Blue
MLA citation [27]
  • Computer Issues
In case of slowing down, one of the options may be check the indexing option, here is a help website:indexing.
  • Useful websites for ideas, enlightened
gimp drawing application
  • Job
Interview TipsTechnical Questions
  • Cooking
Chef at home [28]
Chocolate Zucchini cake [29]
Chocolate Zucchini without milk [30]
kind of potato gratine![31]
Good blog - food with spinach [32]
  • Knitting
  • Canada
Phone magic jack
Canada Government [33] , [34] , [35]
Canada [36]
Canada History [37]

  • Minooz Blog[38]
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