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User Interface Design

Book X Power-Chris Tyler
Mozilla Design Challenges
Chris Zalwinsky Resources Design Everyday Things
Chris Resources Human Computer Interaction
Organic User Interface[2]
MIT User Interface Design Course [3]
Larry Tesler (Apple, Xerox) [4]
Home Page[5]
Modeless Interface [6]
23 & Me [7]


Android widget 3D screen
Android developers Home Page
App Inventor
Android App development in Scheme [8]
How to setup your Android development environment Android SDK
First application practice: Hello World
Some blogs [9]

Open Source

OPS main page [10]
OPS course[11]
OPS lab1
Fedora Installation [12]
OPS lab3

Resources for College

Useful links for Programming

  • General
CS Website (czegel)
CS Website (Chris)
Structure and interpretatuib of computer programs
Programming in Ten years
  • JAVA
java2s - good examples
Java Swing Package examples
Minoo Java Course
Java Course Page
  • C#
About Validators
msdn Data Access Layer
file Upload
InsertIdentify data access layer tutorial
scope Identity - problem solving
very good data
  • C, C++ Tutorials
C plus plus
ilearn.seneca/tutorial, compilers
good FAQ (constructor)_very good
C++ Course
Bjarne Stroustrup's definition
c & c++ programming
arachnoid good
cplusplus I/O stream
IBM output flags good explanation directive
gdb how to debug
Open Group
copy constructors
copy constructors-parashift
good explanation, working with arrays
  • C, C++ Tips
common Errors
Chris Website-BTP100
  • Compilers, text editors
Integrated Development Environment IDE
Visual Studio - How to
Course Website(Chris)-Software Development-
Software Development 2
blog for debug
real world technology
dev ++
comodo link titlelink title
  • SQL
Database [13]

Useful for Linux and Windows commands

1- ss64
2- computer_hope
3- unix commands for beginners

Web Application

  • Useful for CSS, HTML
3-how to start your web
4- Good Tutorial
5- Good CSS list csshelp
6- Good CSS w3
7- Perfect CSS, each option is displayed [14]
8-css-full background
10-create web application
11-Compatibility of Browsers
12- How to code secure Web Applications[15]

Scripting - Shells - Cygwin

1-general and Perl
2-great CGI, Perl
3-more on Perl
4 Regular Expressions
5-RegEx Samples
6-good tutorials on Bash in pdf Introduction & Advanced
6- cygwin [16]
How to setup:
Download the setup.exe file.
Then either it's the first installation or just installing one package, run the setup.exe file.
Click 'next' until you get to the list of packages. Select the package (you can do 'search'). Install it.
open bash shell here (right click on a folder and chose to open with cygwin bash [17]
Mintty instead of bash window for Cygwin[18]
Some features of Mintty [19]
Mintty open here [20]
7- better use of Cygwin

wiki & IRC tutorial

Computer Issues

In case of slowing down, one of the options may be check the indexing option, here is a help website: indexing.

Useful websites for ideas, enlightened

Interview Tips


  • Books To Read
The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have
And Then There were none BY Agatha Christie
The Opposable Mind
TED talk of Dan Pink
What every BODY is saying
  • Dictionary
Urban Dictionary
English teaching-Blue
  • Cooking
Chef at home [25]
Chocolate Zucchini cake [26]
Chocolate Zucchini without milk [27]
kind of potato gratine![28]
Good blog - food with spinach [29]
  • Knitting
Phone magic jack
MLA citation [30]
Canada Government [31] , [32] , [33]
Canada [34]
Canada History [35]

  • Minooz Blog[36]
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