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== Currently Focusing On: ==
== Currently Focusing On: ==
Learning Go Language : [http://golang.org/]
Learning Go Language : http://golang.org/
Learning Unity3D
Learning Unity3D

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My name is Luke Jingwei Sun

 - A geek who is curious about everything!

IRC Formal Nickname: John_Titor

GitHub: https://github.com/Parthas-Menethil

Email: jsun72@myseneca.ca

Blog: http://blog.xparthas.com

Skills Level

Grand Master: TBA

Master: VB.NET, VB6

Artisan: C#

Expert: Java, Ruby

Journeyman: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C/C++, SQL Apprentice: Assembly Language, Python, Go Lang, Lisp(Scheme)

Currently Focusing On:

Learning Go Language : http://golang.org/

Learning Unity3D