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Joined 15 September 2011
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  • ''Name :' Haseeb Ilyas
  • 'User Id' Hilyas
    'IRC ID  :'Hilyas

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  • 'Work Experience:'
     ** Soft Innovative Solution:       June 2009 - August 2011              
       (Soft Innovative Solutions is a Pakistan based IT solution provider.)
        Software And Embedded System Engineer:
        Major Platform: C#.Net, C++, XNA 3.1, SQL Server 2005
           Summary Of Projects:
       * Flight Simulator.  
         Project Details: Simulator of MF1-17 using Microsoft XNA 3.1 and Widows Form 3.5 with
         instructor console,Hardware Interaction of Instrumental Panel, Cockpit by PLCs under the
         Military Vehicle Research & Development.  
        * Surface To Air Weapon Simulator.
        * Radar Simulator.
        * Shooter Training System.
         Project Details:Shooting Profiler, Connect through Wiimote and Using IR LED for marking target on 
            dart board. Track Shooter Data and Information through system. Manage the Profiler and Training system.

 ** Seneca College
                    ** Professional Program: CPD (Computer Programmer Diploma)
                    ** Date : September 2011 - Till Date.
 ** National University Of Computers And Emerging Sciences (FAST NU)             
                    ** Degree Program: BE(CE) Bachelor In Computer Engineering
                    ** Date: August 2005 - June 2009