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Who is this mysterious person?

I am Christopher Daniel Cameirao better known by Gamer/Programming alias Hellwolf_36 is a student at Seneca College in his 4th year in Computer Programming and Analysis. My functionality is more on Software Development focusing on C/C++. My last programs I had successfully written were a 1942 game using MFC C++, and a 3D shooting game using DirectX 9.0c.

I spend almost my entire social life in front of a computer, so you probably won't find me at a bar or anything. I am either doing homework, playing some random computer game (mostly RPGs (Role Playing Games), Strategy games, and FPS (First Person Shooters). I mostly go on when I surf the net. I am the co-administrator of the forum with 15,000+ posts over a span of 5 years. The forum itself is a Blizzard Gaming Community runned by a young enterprenuer named Donny Ourang.

The only other course I am taking this semester is GAM667 in T2109. Most of the off days, I will either be home doing school work, or working for the Summit Golf and Country Club.

If you wish to add me to your MSN - is my address.