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<b>[[CSS_guide | CSS Guide]]</b>
<b>[[CSS_guide | CSS Guide]]</b>
* Wrote documentation for [[CSS_GUIDE_VERTICAL_ALIGN | CSS Vertical-Align]]
* Completed documentation for [[CSS_GUIDE_VERTICAL_ALIGN | CSS Vertical-Align]]
* In progress:
* In progress:
** background-repeat
** background-repeat

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Prior to this course, I've never been involved with open source projects. This course has opened up my eyes to the Mozilla community and I'm really impressed with the work that the Mozilla community members have done in their spare time. By far, this is one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken at Seneca and I can't express greater gratitude to be given the opportunity to be part of this fascinating project.

About Liz Chak

Liz pic1.jpg

Name: Elizabeth Chak
IRC Nick: elichak
Contact Email: elichak@gmail.com
Hotmail Email: elichak@hotmail.com
Program: Bachelor Degree of Software Development (Semester 7)
Position: Financial Officer of Club Moz


Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows (Project Leader)

Functional Testing (Project Leader)

Performance Testing (Project Leader)

Calendar Stuff (Project Contributor)

Extending the Buildbot (Project Contributor)

Mozilla Seneca Wiki Administration (Project Contributor)



Build The Fox

Firefox Build Documentation (Assignment 1)

Newsgroup Summary


Mozilla Technology


Project Contributions


Simple Citation

  • Localized the extension to Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
    • Language used widely in Malaysia, Singapore, and other south east Asian countries

CSS Guide

Delta Debugging

  • Documenting source code
    • Starting off with:
      • svn.pl and makewrapper.pl. - DONE, waiting for Richard Chu's approval
      • Comments about svn.pl
        • For Update subroutine
          • Shouldn't users also be allowed to use BASE, COMMITTED, PREV to update?
          • Currently, subroutine only allows these revision values: HEAD and numbers
          • Should svn update command perform even if file is not defined??
    • Then, files in the Test directory: - IN PROGRESS
      • Test.pm, TestCase.pm, TestSuite.pm, TestResult.pm, and TestRunner.pm

XUL Runner Guide

Bug Triage Extension

  • Will be testing this extension on Dec 10 2006
  • Created a bug for Buggy Bar!!
    • Check it out - The buggy bug!
    • For some reason it wouldn't allow me to upload png files

Extending the Buildbot

Club Moz

  • Collaborated with Tom Aratyn, Ben Hearsum, Vanessa Miranda and Philip Vitorino in hosting Hack Day
    • The aim of this event was to provide a common place for students to work on their Open Source projects and also for them to practice the meaning of Open Source
    • Students were also well-fed with junk food!!
  • Read about it: Hack Day!

Mozilla Seneca Wiki Administration

  • Took care of this Wiki

SVN at a glance

  • Wrote a proper documentation on how to use SVN to put all the commonly used commands for our DPS909 projects in one place.

Other Contributions

Functional Testing

Calendar Stuff

  • Started on the project and then took over Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows
  • Built Thunderbird to find out the problems Eva Or was having because I wasn't helping her much by speculating what the problem was without physically seeing the problem/build
    • It built successfully on my comp with the the files required (.mozconfig, build files etc.) but the same files didn't build for Eva Or. According to her, Clint found out that it was a debugging problem.
    • Looked into the old itip files, wanted to help Eva Or with it but due to time constraints, this is impossible (Not a contribution)

Fixed MDC Windows Build Prerequisites documentation

Created this template which is a cleaner look for the main page

  • Didn't end up using it for the main page

Future Work

External Links