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Ed Arvelaez - Computer Programming student - Peer Tutor

Open Source

For this course I had the opportunity to fix bugs of real world software products, interact with a community of real world programmers that were willing to help me with my programming questions. I also had the opportunity to discuss approaches to fixes, and have my points of view taken into consideration.

I have been involved in the follwing bugs. Some of them DO NOT show me as their ticket owner, since they were already fixed, and taken over by supers (such as annasob) Some of them continue to show me as their owner, and although some of them are not completely fixed, my ongoing work is visible.

use ISO8601 time formats:

I am very proud of this bug fix. This allows to use standard time string to specified times (such as '1:07:12.813') prior to this bug, times had to be specified only in seconds. Which means the only time unit supported was seconds (a specified time would look like 874521.

==Pausing the video when a link is clicked should be a plugin==it

The idea here is that if there's a popcorn video running, and a link creates a new window when its clicked, the video pauses.

Allow plugins to express time in time stamp strings.

Once the time string support was added, it became necessary to fix all of the parsers (json, xml,etc) so they use the new functionality, rather than come up with their own arbitrary work, that is hard to maintain since they all do different stuff with time strings.

Missing String function (0.9.7)

This bug was about adding a new method to a string class. The main problem in fixing this bug was that I couldn't work from a clone of the release branch. Instead, I had to work from a parallel branch that had a few fixes necessary for mine to work.


Some of my discussions and points of view can be read on my blog. See where I stand on some fix solutions, and how I have come to fix some bugs myself.