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Dongxu Yu

Occupation Student at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
IRC Don_yu

Hello everyone, welcome to my home page. My name is Dongxu Yu and my English name is Don. I am a Seneca College School of Computer Studies student.

______________________ Dongxu Yu _____________________

38 Bedle Ave, Toronto ON M2H 1K8

(C) 647-993-0727 (E)

Objective ______________________________________________

A Multilingual Computer Studies Student with extensive professional and recruit fresh graduate student. Seeking for an interesting and challenging role in software development as an entry level programmer.

Qualifications __________________________________________

Ø Knowledge of Programming languages

Ø Database design

Ø Strong analytical skills

Ø Excel in typing

Ø Excellent problem-solving abilities

Ø Programming and design skills

Ø GUI and tools

Ø Strong collaborative skill

Ø Team motivation

Programming Projects ___________________________________

Completed C++ programming projects in college

Technical Skills _________________________________________

Computer Languages: C, C++, SQL, Java, Perl and HTML

Software: Visual Studio, Eclipse, JUnit, SVN, Github,

MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint and IBM Rational Developer

Operating Systems: MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux and Mac

Database Applications: Oracle, MS SQL and MS Access,

Networking: Local Area Network (LAN), TCP/IP

Education ______________________________________________

2012 Seneca College – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

         Computer Programming

2009 Guangzhou Civil Aviation College - Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

         Computer Programming