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Davoud Salahi Rad


BSD student; graduating Winter 2009.

Received A and A+ in 30 of 37 courses taken so far; current cumulative GPA: 3.82 out of 4, been on the President’s Honour List for outstanding academic achievement 3 times - once every year since started at Seneca - 2006, 2007 and 2008.

More about me and address to my blog:

This page is about my work in DPS909.

Main Deliverables

0.1 Release

0.2 Release

0.3 Release

Work Done in DPS909 Winter 2009


Bugs subscribed to:

  • Bug# 168784: question, no response; Jordan suggested to look for another bug



Blog Posts

Other Activities


  • Installed Eclipse WTP and PlugIn
  • Tried a minor fix enhancement to get hands-on experience with Eclipse WTP bug fixing - adding date, example from tutorial
  • Tried reproducing Bug 173912
  • Went over list of prescribed WTP bugs and picked a few
  • Published list of bugs being considered
  • Verified bugs and fixes using latest build: M6

  • Attended presentation by Angel Vera
  • Attended presentation by Lawrence Mandel

  • Adjusted width of class photo (requested by Peter), and combined 2 tables containing students' info in Discussion and Helping Corner page; compare: before, after

Comments on Blog Posts

  • Peter Liu's post, comment re NPE
  • Peter Liu's post, comment re bug# 168784
  • Peter Liu's post, comment about "lost sheep"

  • Jatinder's post, comment re latest build
  • Jatinder's post, reply to Peter Liu's question

  • Tahereh's post, comment re reproducing bug

  • Shelley's post, comment re blog feed to CDOT Planet and difference between WTP and RCP/PlugIn
  • Shelley's post, comment re bug fix and blog posts

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