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Davoud Salahi Rad

About Me

[It's weird to write in 3rd person, when I'm the one writing about myself!!! :) So I will write in 1st person...]

I'm 28 y.o. and in the 8th semester of the BSD program at Seneca.

I have received A and A+ in 30 courses out of 37 courses taken so far. My current cumulative GPA is 3.82 and I have been on the President’s Honour List for outstanding academic achievement 3 times - once every year since I started at Seneca - 2006, 2007 and 2008; I hope to get it this last semester as well!! :)

More about me and address to my blog:

Work done during DPS909 - Winter 09

Week 1

  • Created Accounts:
    • Zenit Wiki
    • Blog
    • Bugzilla
  • Readings...

Week 2

  • Installed Eclipse WTP and PlugIn
  • Familiarized myself with the environment
  • Tried a minor fix enhancement to get hands-on experience with Eclipse WTP bug fixing

Week 3

  • Went over the bugs and picked some!! :)


Fixing a bug:

Bug#: 168784 Normal, P3 - web service generating error from a simple java class

Bug#: 244862 Normal, P3 - Closing the server project doesn't call stop server


It's been very hard to make sense of the reported bugs. I've tried to browse over all 450 (reported as of Feb 1st); here are some other ones to consider:

  • Normal
  1. Bug 251251 Normal, P3 - content assist offers invalid attribute
  2. Bug 154860 Normal, P3 - Scrollbar does not page down
  3. Bug 121887 Normal, P3 - publish page is persistent

  • Minor
  1. Bug 121094 Minor, P3 - [tutorial] Building a School Schedule Web App tutorial needs updating
  2. Bug 104863 Minor, P3 - Finish button not disabled on the Web service publication page
  3. Bug 209289 Minor, P3 - delete button is enabled even when there are no extensions to delete
  4. Bug 155839 Minor, P3 - J2EEUtils class has methods that cause null pointer exceptions
  5. Bug 92625 Minor, P3 - Reset button on WSDL explorer page doesn't work

Useful Links

Zenit Wiki

Eclipse WTP