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Week 2

Tuesday, September 7

  • Set up workstation and downloaded browsers, xCode, and started installing and setting up github account

Wednesday, September 8

  • Finished creating remote and local branches of github
  • Downloaded another version of xCode

Thursday, Septmber 9

  • Completed a ProcessingJS demo
  • Github tutorial
  • Blog + wiki

Friday, September 10

  • Blogged
  • Github practice
  • Learned XML

Week 3

Monday, September 13

  • Started a function that retrieved and parsed a JSON object (Twitter--user id--look for keywords indicating emotion) for the Lev Feels Fine Demo
  • Lots of $.getJSON research

Tuesday, September 14

  • Finished the function
  • Started on a function that would retrieve and parse a JSON object that contains a particular Twitter hashtag (Twitter--hashtag--look for keywords indicating the mood/general opinion about the topic)