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Andor Salga
Andor Salga
Catherine Leung
Catherine Leung

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Project Name

C3DL test suite.

Project Description

Create and implement an automated test suite which compares C3DL still frame render demos and a still frame pictures. Additional innovation will be required for the implementation of moving C3DL demos.

Project Leader(s)

Andor Salga

Catherine Leung

Project Contributor(s)

Andor Salga Catherine Leung Carlin Desautels Peter Leaning

Project Details

The project will require the initial step of porting Processing.js automated test suite created by David Humphrey. That will produce a framework for which the C3DL demos can be added. The framework will need to be tailored for the project needs, such as: moving demos need to be integrated, replacing Processing.js still frame demos with C3DL ones.

Project Plan

Goals for each release:

  • 0.1:
    • Port Davids code
    • Integrate a C3DL demo
    • Archive with git and github
    • Integrate github with C3DL dev team
  • 0.2:
    • Integrate all still C3DL still demos
    • Streamline automation to developers needs
    • Attempt method of including moving demos
  • 0.3:
    • Fully integrate existing moving C3DL demos
    • Attempt personal demo.

Project News