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Random info about me:

  • ctyler on irc (Mozilla#seneca or freenode#fedora)
  • (students: use this address, put your section ID in the subject line) or
  • Linux fanatic, especially Fedora
  • X11 fanatic, especially multiseat systems
  • Professor in the School of Computer Studies at Seneca College, Toronto
  • Does programming and consulting on the side
  • Lives in Vaughan with his wife and two daughters
  • Has lived in Toronto, Waterloo, Muskoka, and Woodstock, Ontario; Victoria, BC; and Calgary and Standard, Alberta
  • Enjoys camping, biking, baking, cooking, photography -- but doesn't have enough time to do much of those things these days
  • Co-chair of the Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2007 (FSOSS 2007), October 25-26 -- I'll see you there, right?
  • Has programmed for a living in 20+ languages (including: 6809 assembler, Multics PL/1, C, FoxPro, Perl)
  • Author of Fedora Linux (O'Reilly 2006) and an upcoming book on the X Window system
  • Writer/editor of the Fedora Daily Package
  • Blogs irregularly on the O'Reilly Network
  • Blogs somewhat more frequently on his personal blog (learn more about me there)

ToDo List - May/June/July/Aug 2008

  • Come up to speed on Python, TurboGears
  • Become package maintainer for at least 2 packages
  • Fedora-Seneca
    • In conjunction with Fedora community, develop the project list for LUX
    • Plan strategy for LUX, Fall 2008
  • Support Dave in the development of the Mozilla DRK (specifically: Fedora-based Live CD and VMWare image)
  • Conferences
    • FUDCon F10, Boston, June
    • OLS, Ottawa, July