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Chris Szalwinski
Chris Szalwinski.jpg
Faculty Picture
Occupation Seneca College School of Computer Studies Faculty
Office T2093
Phone 416.491.5050 ext 3364
Home Page https://cs.senecac.on.ca/~chris.szalwinski/
Email chris dot szalwinski at senecac dot on dot ca

Chris Szalwinski is a Professor at the School of Computer Studies at Seneca College. Chris teaches C++, Game Programming and Human Computer Interaction.

Courses Taught

OOP244 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Further information: OOP244 Web Site

BTP200 - The Object-Oriented Paradigm using C++

Further information: BTP200 Web Site

BTP300 - Object-Oriented Software Development I - C++

Further information: BTP300 Web Site

BTH740 - Human Computer Interaction

Further information: BTH740 Web Site

GAM666 and DPS901 - Introduction to 3D Game Programming

Further information: GAM666 and DPS901 Web Site

GAM670 and DPS905 - 3D Game Programming Techniques

Further information: GAM670 and DPS905 Web Site


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