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Personal Profile

Name: Chinmay Patel or Chintu or Chinu or Jimmy

Gender: Male

Course: BSD (Bachelor of Software Development)

Strengths: C, C++, Java, SQL

Weaknesses: I can't ask somebody for help. But, I think I have to learn that ... and eventually I will

Hobbies: RollerSkating and Pingpong and Badminton and Lots of other.


Programming Profile

Languages Known: C, C++, Java, SQL, Flash Actionscript

Blog :

Projects: I haven't completed any projects but school assignments.

Current Project: Currently I am working on project on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is all about making weave work on Thunderbird. The work has already been started and I just have to continue from the left over and wrap it up.


I have NO project to work. The major reason for that is I would like to work on Thunderbird and We don't have any to work on. But, Dave provided me with some useful features which are helpful in some cases.

One of them is renaming the attachment in Compose Mail option.


These are the 3 bugs that are not perfectly related to my project but still somewhat related to it. Here they are ...

Building Firefox

Building on Windows Vista