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= Landfill mozilla bug  =
= Contribution Done=
= Contribution Done=

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Personal Profile

Name: Chinmay Patel or Chintu or Chinu or Jimmy

Gender: Male

Course: BSD (Bachelor of Software Development)

Strengths: C, C++, Java, SQL

Weaknesses: I can't ask somebody for help. But, I think I have to learn that ... and eventually I will

Hobbies: RollerSkating and Pingpong and Badminton and Lots of other.

Contact: cdpatel1@senecac.on.ca, chinmay_patel@ymail.com

Programming Profile

Languages Known: C, C++, Java, SQL, Flash Actionscript

Blog : cdptel1.blogspot.com

Projects: I haven't completed any projects but school assignments.

Current Project: Currently I am working on project on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is all about making weave work on Thunderbird. The work has already been started and I just have to continue from the left over and wrap it up.


0.1 Rename Attachment

This Extension will rename attachments. Here is more info regarding the Extension. http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/User:Rename_Attachment

0.2 Attachment Reminder

Hot Hot Hot Hot Bug!!! This feature will remind user to attach attachments. So, no more "Sorry, I forgot the attachments. Here it is. Sorry, ..." !


0.3 Attachment Reminder

Just going to expand more features on Attachment Reminder Bug. Make it more user friendly so that a user can add new words to it.


Lab 4: Building Thunderbird on Vista with Visual Studio 2008

I have blogged about it on my blog page. If you want help or reference, you can go to the link below and look at it.


Lab 5 : Finding 3 Interesting Bugs

These are the 3 bugs that are not perfectly related to my project but still somewhat related to it. Here they are ...




Lab 8 : Modifying Thunderbird With extension Lab



File:Firstxpcom Chinmay.zip

Contribution Done


1. Provided him the data that he wanted for his research.

6. Debug the makefile.


2. Helped him to build his Thunderbird.

Chris Bishop:

3. Made automated shell script.


4. Provided test his extension.

James (Thunderbird Scheduler):

5. Debugged the code and find the error to fix the problem.

zghansar: (on #extdev )

7. making an Extension.

Contribution Received

Chris Bishop: Always eager to help me. My first source of information after websites.

James Boston: Helped me with Building Thunderbird. Plus, Helped me to understand his PASTEBIN AND UBIQUITY stuff.

Scott Lunel: I was stuck in packaging my Extension. Scott came to me helped me in Packaging it. And finally, my extension is working. Thanks a lot Scott.

Slokunshialgo & Sid : Checked my extension.

DOM inspector

DOM inspector is the best, as far as I know, tool to have a reference for Object Model. I have blogged about how to use it but it didn't show up on the Seneca Planet. To know more about it ...