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= Software =
= Software =
== Process Manager Extension ==
== SHTTPD Extension ==
This is a proof of concept. Installing this extension will start a tiny webserver that runs locally. The purpose of this is to eventually provide a way to distribute web application as extensions so they can be run locally/offline. At present, when the browser starts the server also starts and installs an icon to the system tray. It only runs on Win32 machines.
Download: http://jamesboston.ca/extensions/shttpd.xpi
(The server is licensed as beerware and is available on its own at http://shttpd.sourceforge.net/).
== Ubiquity commands ==
== Ubiquity commands ==

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Personal Profile

Name: Chinmay Patel or Chintu or Chinu or Jimmy

Gender: Male

Course: BSD (Bachelor of Software Development)

Strengths: C, C++, Java, SQL

Weaknesses: I can't ask somebody for help. But, I think I have to learn that ... and eventually I will

Hobbies: RollerSkating and Pingpong and Badminton and Lots of other.

Contact: cdpatel1@senecac.on.ca, chinmay_patel@ymail.com

Programming Profile

Languages Known: C, C++, Java, SQL, Flash Actionscript

Blog : cdptel1.blogspot.com

Projects: I haven't completed any projects but school assignments.

Current Project: Currently I am working on project on Mozilla Thunderbird. It is all about making weave work on Thunderbird. The work has already been started and I just have to continue from the left over and wrap it up.



Ubiquity commands

Building Firefox

Building on Windows Vista