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= Test Results =
== Project Name ==
== Project Name ==

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Project Name

BirdTorrent -- Torrent support for Songbird!

Project Description

The goal of this project is to create an add-on that allows Songbird to handle .torrent files. The basic idea is to cut out the middle man, allowing users to download music from torrent sites directly to their library.

Project Leader(s)

Anthony Hughes [ashughes] - This is me!

Project Contributor(s)

Currently, there are no contributors to this project.

Project Details

0.1 Milestone

The goal of this milestone is to get libtorrent compiled as a static library and be able to wrap it into an XPCOM component. To demonstrate the proof of this working, I plan to inject a simple HelloWorld alert statement into one of the libtorrent functions.

Expected Release Date: Oct 17, 2008


  • Compile Libtorrent as a static library
  • Compile Songbird's XPCOM HelloWorld Addon
  • Research Make for how to wrap libtorrent
  • Get sbHelloWorld and libtorrent built into one xpi
  • Inject torrent::version() into sbHelloWorld() constructor to print libtorrent version to console
  • Improve previous to alert() from a menu option in the UI
  • Clean up the code to make the addon my own (renaming sbHelloWorld -> birdTorrent)
  • Blog about the battle
  • Post a design doc
  • Set up Mac build environment
  • Build Songbird on Mac
  • Build Libtorrent on Mac
  • Build XPI on Mac
  • Test XPI on Mac
  • Set up Win32 build environment
  • Build Songbird on Win32
  • Build Libtorrent on Win32
  • Build XPI on Win32
  • Test XPI on Win32

Project News

3 - October - 2008

  • Updated 0.1 Milestone
  • Addon + Libtorrent build together
  • Addon + Libtorrent work together
  • Addon is compiling and working as expected
  • Need to clean up code and blog

25 - September - 2008

  • Posted 0.1 Milestone goal
  • Detailed first tasks for 0.1 Milestone

18 - September - 2008

  • Successfully built Songbird
  • Build time was approximately 5m21s

16 - September - 2008

  • Successfully set up build environment
  • Successfully built Songbird XPCOM_HelloWorld add-on
  • Successfully built libtorrent as a static library
  • Need to read documentation for MAKE to put the two above together