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Bug History

226735: Replace modal pre-submit save password dialog with post-submit bar (enh)
244485: Build ID only generated when MOZILLA_OFFICIAL is set
273304: Search results remain highlighted when turning off highlight again.
313940: Caret leaves artifacts (turds) on a form when a CSS margin is present
358297: Vista XPS Viewer incorrectly redirects to firefox
373371: Find Highlighting rendering image-behind instead of highlighting
377595: Crash [@g_slice_free1] from [@~nsScreenGtk]
380683: Alias Addition
380799: Help content empty
380817: Remember my last test run after submitting a test (enh)
381514: Java applet issue
381792: Caret leaves artifacts on a form
382081: New downloads don't show in download manager when already open


Litmus Testing for Minefield (Trunk) on Windows XP SP2

Litmus Testing for Firefox on Windows XP SP2
Add-on Qualifying for Firefox 2 on Kubuntu 6.10