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About Me

My name is Archana Sahota. I am currently in my final semester of the Bachelor of Technology (Software Development) program at Seneca College.

My blog is

Contact Information

Name: Archana Sahota
IRC: asahota


Some of my projects include:

FSOSS Research Paper

The Research Paper:

Deliverables for DPS909

The milestone releases for DPS909 are:

Milestone Ticket Release Notes Github
0.1 Release #279 Adding Plugin for
0.2 Release #1434 Rewrite loadXML() in processing.js
0.3 Release #1753,


1.Add getDouble and getDoubleAttribute to XMLElement.

2. calling shape() (on PShapeSVG at least) changes rectMode() and ellipseMode() (and maybe other things),

0.4 Release #1771,


1. popStyle() sets curRectMode to undefined.

2. Implemented shearX and shearY in 3D mode.,

To Do's for DPS909

The tasks for DPS909 are:

  • Create an account on this wiki for yourself - September 5
  • Create a personal wiki page on this wiki, and add a link for yourself to the People Fall 2011 Open Source Students pages - September 5
  • Create a blog (wordpress) and create a feed category or tag called "open source" - September 5
  • Pick one Closed and one Open license/eula, and read them from start to finish. Pick 3 things that struck you about them to present in class next time. - September 8
  • Begin learning how to use IRC for communication. - September 12
  • Blog about your IRC experience - September 16
  • Comment in at least one other student's blog with your feedback to what they wrote.
  • Watch online lectures about open source community, blog your reactions to something that struck you or resonated.
  • Talk to the project communities on irc for info about each project, potential work you might do.
  • Quiz on Thursday on Raymond's essay.
  • Create a github account, if you haven't already, and update Fall 2011 Open Source Students
  • Clone the github repo for your project
  • Blog about your experiences getting to know git
  • Blog about your project
  • Add links for 0.1 Release when it's done.
  • Work on your 0.2 and blog about your progress.
  • Fork and clone
  • Add as an upstream remote (e.g., git remote add upstream git:// so you can keep your repo up-to-date with Mozilla's repo.
  • Get a account and CC yourself on bug 633602 so you will get updates.
  • Do a debug build of Firefox. Figuring out what this means is part of the task.