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About Me

My name is Archana Sahota. I am currently in my final semester of the Bachelor of Technology (Software Development) program at Seneca College.

My blog is

Contact Information

Name: Archana Sahota
IRC: asahota


Some of my projects include:

FSOSS Research Paper

The Research Paper:

Deliverables for DPS909

The milestone releases for DPS909 are:

Milestone Ticket Release Notes Github
0.1 Release #279 Adding Plugin for
0.2 Release #1434 Rewrite loadXML() in processing.js
0.3 Release #1753,


1.Add getDouble and getDoubleAttribute to XMLElement.

2. calling shape() (on PShapeSVG at least) changes rectMode() and ellipseMode() (and maybe other things),

0.4 Release #1771,


1. popStyle() sets curRectMode to undefined.

2. Implemented shearX and shearY in 3D mode.,