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Well Hello Everyone,

Looking forward to joining in with all of you here at Seneca College in the Open Source Development programs for either the degree or diploma programs. The introductory talk from Chris and David was very inspiring and I'm very much looking forward to linking in with the world wide open source development community. I grew up in sort of a small, but popular town, and really feel I have a connection with a community much larger in scale than that place. The whole world community sounds good to me for now... at least until we as a race extend ourselves further.

I look forward to developing, contributing and requesting help from all of you.

Andrew Grimo




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Andrews first IT experience was to go through a series of lay-offs that eventually led him to the position of Jr. System Admin. Everything he needed to learn he learned on the job without any previous background. With this job he acquired the proper skills to be an avid Red Hat Linux admin for version 7.1. This is above his already competent level in the MAC OS environment. Unfortunately because of a series of layoffs, three quarters of a year later he moved out of Toronto leaving his IT world with it.

Currently Andrew is sharpening his IT skills back in Toronto and looking forward to completing OSD600 and Seneca's CPA program to eventually land a job at Mozilla. Andrew also seems to be a fan of the counter-intuitive nature of open-source development and gains satisfaction from knowing that he is making money from developing something that will eventually be given away for free.