UNX511 Winter2012 TeamB

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Project Platypus - Introduction

This semester we are developing a co-operative multiplayer game in UNX511. The project will include: a Unix-based server written in C and multiple clients running on different platforms.

This is tile based defense zombie survival. Players will explore dead city, while searching for safe houses, building barricades or repairing city infrastructure and fighting against aggressive zombies. Game will be based on rounds, where players will have to reach goals. When goal is reached, server will reset map and round starts again, while players will get points for a round.

Version History

Project is in the planning phase.


We are planning to develop 3 interfaces for different platforms:

  • Android application
  • Linux client
  • Web interface

General Ideas

Players work together to defend a building from increasingly difficult waves of zombies. In between waves, players can buy items (traps, obstacles, placeable weapons) and place them on the game map. Players are awarded points and money for kills. Players with the most points at the end of the game "win". But everyone else wins too.. unless they all lose.

If no players are logged in, game will be paused. Difficulty and scale will be based on the number of logged in players, so building will be expanded automatically.

The building can consist of several floors. Game begins on the ground level, but players can purchase "keys" to the next level, unlocking more space to place defensive items and create paths for enemies.

Game doesn't necessarily have to be real time. Could be based on action timers/cool-downs.

(If time permits) Points collected during play spendable in cosmetic shop.

Technical Ideas


Server creates instances of games that can contain up to ( 16 or 32 ) number of players. When instance is full, it automatically creates a new instance (fork).

Server settings (diffictuly, port number, player limit) will be stored in separate file.

We should implement pathfinding algorithm and AI for zombies.

MySQL database that will store accounts, players statistics and game data.



  • Client connections handling
  • Basic clients (Web, Android, terminal)
  • Develop basic data protocol
  • Chat
  • Static maps
  • Player Movement
  • Server forking
  • Zombies & damage (basic punching)
  • Collision detection


  • Zombie AI and pathfinding
  • Map generation
  • Database implementation
  • Improved client interfaces
  • Item placement
  • Weapons, inventory

Additional Features

  • Auto-scaling
  • Difficulty levels, server config
  • Interaction with map (picking items, etc)
  • Items crafting
  • Highscores system


  • Stephen Brooks
    • Role: My primary task is the Android User Interface, but would like to contribute C++ code to the server once I figure things out.
    • Email: sbrooks
    • IRC: sbrooks
  • Vladimir Steiman
    • Role: will discuss
    • Email: vsteiman
    • IRC: vlad_


We will be using irc to communicate.

Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #UNX511TeamB

Here's some help for getting started with IRC