UNX511 - 20121 - Project - TeamA

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Project Outline

  • Zork-like adventure game
  • Type: text-based game
  • Possible platform: Web/XHTML/HTML5, Terminal
  • MMORPG-ish (killing, leveling, etc. involved) , but text-based game and it's all about statistics
    • No maps!

Team Members

First Name Last Name Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick
Natesh Mayuranathan nmayuranathan Nmayuranathan Tesh_
Rainulf Pineda Rainulf Rainulf _Rainulf
Lucas Alba Bresso Lucas Lucas N/A
Ahmad Ali Ahmad Ahmad N/A

Development Plan (Rough)

  • Project planning (Jan 11)
  • Game interface/interaction planning (Jan 18)
  • Game design/technical programming design (Jan 25)
    • C++/OO design
    • Socket OO design - accepting connections
    • Main game design
    • Putting the socket and the main game design together