ULI101 Weekly Schedule

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Fall 2019

Brian Gray (A,B,C,D) Harvey Kaduri(E) Murray Saul (F,I,Q,X)
Mark Buchner (G) Eric Brauer (L,M,N) Michael Huang (O)
Azzad Kara (P) Chris Johnson (R, ZA) Ayesha Manzer (S, T)
Ali Nezhad (U,V) John Selmys (W, Y, ZC) Tiayyba Riaz (Z, ZB)
Ahad Mammadov (ZD)

Week Objectives and Tasks Reference Assignment
Week 1:
Sep 2-8
  • Course introduction
  • Obtaining your Seneca accounts
  • *nix overview
  • Open source philosophy
  • Linux GUI and the terminal
  • The Matrix server
Week 1 Lecture Notes:


Additional Resources:

YouTube Videos:

Week 2:
Sep 9-15
Post Installation Tasks:
  • Post Install Commands
  • Bash Shell Scripting Essentials
  • Using a Bash Shell Script to Create a Post Installation Report
Lecture Notes:
Bash Shell Scripting (part 1): web pdf
Week 3:
Sep 16-22
Creating & Using Virtual Machines
  • Installing and Using Virtualization Software
  • Installing Guest VMs
Lecture Notes:
Installing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Week 4:
Sep 23-29
Creating & Using Virtual Machines / Continued:
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines
  • Backing-up Virtual Machines
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines with Shell Scripts
Lecture Notes:
Managing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part2): web pdf
Week 5:
Sep 30-Oct 6
Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management:
  • Common Troubleshooting Examples
  • Archiving Files
  • Package Management
Lecture Notes:
Troubleshooting, Archiving,
Package Management: web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 3): web pdf
Lab 3
Week 6:
Oct 7-13
Managing Users, Groups & Services:
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Service Status
  • Starting / Stopping Services
Lecture Notes:
Managing Users, Groups & Services:
web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 4): web pdf
Lab 4
Week 7:
Oct 14-20
  • Assignment 1
  • Labs 1 - 4
  • Written Midterm Test
  • Practical Test #1
Study Week:
Oct 21-27
Week 8:
Oct 28-Nov 3
Monitoring Disk Space, Intro to LVM
  • Monitoring Hard Disk Space
  • LVM - Definition
  • Using LVM
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
Monitoring Disk Space, crontab, awk command: web pdf
Lab 5
Week 9:
Nov 4-10
Using LVM
  • Using LVM
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
Introduction to LVM: web pdf
Demonstration of Growing /home
partition using LVM: Youtube Video
Week 10:
Nov 11-17
Configuring a Network Using Virtual Machines
  • Static Network Configuration
  • Network Configuration with a DHCP client
  • Basic TCP/IP network commands: ping, ifconfig, netstat
Lecture Notes:
Creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN):
web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 6): web pdf
Lab 6
Week 11:
Nov 18-24
Setup and Configure Secure Shell Services
  • Network Services
  • SSH
Lecture Notes:
Securing Network via SSH: web pdf
Configuring Firewalls (iptables): web pdf
Lab 7
Week 12:
Nov 25-Dec 1
Setting Up, Using & Maintaining a DHCP Server
  • DHCP Server
Lecture Notes:
Setting up a DHCP Server: web pdf
Lab 8
Week 13:
Dec 2-8
  • Assignment 2
  • Labs 5 - 8
  • Practical Test #2
Exam Week:
Dec 9-13