ULI101 Weekly Schedule

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Fall 2019

Brian Gray (A,B,C,D) brian.gray@senecacollege.ca
Harvey Kaduri(E) harvey.kaduri@senecacollege.ca
Murray Saul (F,I,Q,X) murray.saul@senecacollege.ca
Mark Buchner (G) mark.buchner@senecacollege.ca
Eric Brauer (L,M,N) eric.brauer@senecacollege.ca
Michael Huang (O) hong.huang@senecacollege.ca
Azzad Kara (P) azzad.kara@senecacollege.ca
Chris Johnson (R, ZA) chris.johnson@senecacollege.ca
Ayesha Manzer (S, T) ayesha.manzer@senecacollege.ca
Ali Nezhad (U,V) ali.nezhad@senecacollege.ca
John Selmys (W, Y, ZC) john.selmys@senecacollege.ca
Tiayyba Riaz (Z, ZB) tiayyba.riaz@senecacollege.ca
Ahad Mammadov (ZD) ahad.mammadov@senecacollege.ca

Week Objectives and Tasks Reference Assignment
Week 1:
Sep 2-8
  • Course introduction
  • Obtaining your Seneca accounts
  • *nix overview
  • Open source philosophy
  • Linux GUI and the terminal
  • The Matrix server
Lecture Notes:
Week 2:
Sep 9-15
Post Installation Tasks:
  • Post Install Commands
  • Bash Shell Scripting Essentials
  • Using a Bash Shell Script to Create a Post Installation Report
Lecture Notes:
Bash Shell Scripting (part 1): web pdf
Week 3:
Sep 16-22
Creating & Using Virtual Machines
  • Installing and Using Virtualization Software
  • Installing Guest VMs
Lecture Notes:
Installing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Week 4:
Sep 23-29
Creating & Using Virtual Machines / Continued:
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines
  • Backing-up Virtual Machines
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines with Shell Scripts
Lecture Notes:
Managing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part2): web pdf
Week 5:
Sep 30-Oct 6
Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management:
  • Common Troubleshooting Examples
  • Archiving Files
  • Package Management
Lecture Notes:
Troubleshooting, Archiving,
Package Management: web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 3): web pdf
Lab 3
Week 6:
Oct 7-13
Managing Users, Groups & Services:
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Service Status
  • Starting / Stopping Services
Lecture Notes:
Managing Users, Groups & Services:
web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 4): web pdf
Lab 4
Week 7:
Oct 14-20
  • Assignment 1
  • Labs 1 - 4
  • Written Midterm Test
  • Practical Test #1
Study Week:
Oct 21-27
Week 8:
Oct 28-Nov 3
Monitoring Disk Space, Intro to LVM
  • Monitoring Hard Disk Space
  • LVM - Definition
  • Using LVM
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
Monitoring Disk Space, crontab, awk command: web pdf
Lab 5
Week 9:
Nov 4-10
Using LVM
  • Using LVM
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
Introduction to LVM: web pdf
Demonstration of Growing /home
partition using LVM: Youtube Video
Week 10:
Nov 11-17
Configuring a Network Using Virtual Machines
  • Static Network Configuration
  • Network Configuration with a DHCP client
  • Basic TCP/IP network commands: ping, ifconfig, netstat
Lecture Notes:
Creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN):
web pdf
Bash Shell Scripting (part 6): web pdf
Lab 6
Week 11:
Nov 18-24
Setup and Configure Secure Shell Services
  • Network Services
  • SSH
Lecture Notes:
Securing Network via SSH: web pdf
Configuring Firewalls (iptables): web pdf
Lab 7
Week 12:
Nov 25-Dec 1
Setting Up, Using & Maintaining a DHCP Server
  • DHCP Server
Lecture Notes:
Setting up a DHCP Server: web pdf
Lab 8
Week 13:
Dec 2-8
  • Assignment 2
  • Labs 5 - 8
  • Practical Test #2
Exam Week:
Dec 9-13