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Assignment #1: Introduction to Unix/Linux Concepts

Objective: To gain experience with some of the fundamentals of Unix/Linux commands and the file system.

Due date: October 4, 2019, by midnight

Value: 6% of final course mark

Perform the following steps on Matrix:

  1. Make sure that you have access to the Matrix server, which is required to do the ULI101 assignments:
    • If you have never logged into Matrix before and you are new to Seneca, check your email for confirmation that your Matrix account has been automatically created. Contact servicedesk@senecacollege.ca in case of problems.
    • Your Matrix account should be the same userid and password as your Seneca Email and Blackboard accounts.
  2. To begin Assignment 1, enter the following on Matrix:
    • ~uli101/a1
  3. You will see the following screen, please select the correct ULI101 section and professor (A to ZD):
    • ULI101 Assignment 1 - Section Screen
  4. You will see the following important notes on the next screen:
    • ULI101 Assignment - Important Notes Screen
  5. Hit ENTER and you'll see the following, assuming you selected section "A":
    • ULI101 Assignment 1 - Main Menu Screen
  6. As you can see, the assignment is divided into 6 parts. Incomplete parts will be highlighted, as will incomplete sections within each part.
  7. There is a total possible mark of 6, with 1 mark added for each completed part.
  8. As noted, late marks will be deducted at the rate of 0.6 marks (10%) per day for parts completed after midnight of October 4.
  9. When you complete each section, your updated mark will be displayed on the main selection menu.
  10. Assignments MUST consist of the student's OWN work and MUST run on Matrix.