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Installing and Configuring MySQL


In this page, you are going to install the MySQL server to your Fedora, and set a password to the root user. MySQL is free database management system that is used by large web sites, such as Wordpress, Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook. Because it threatens Oracle's business, it has been acquired by Oracle. It will stop the future open source development.


  1. Login as root user
  2. Install the MySQL server: yum mysql-server
  3. Configure the MySQL server to start when the Fedora is booted: chkconfig mysqld on
  4. Start the MySQL server: service mysqld start
  5. Set a password to MySQL server's root user: /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'yourpassword'
  6. Test the root account: mysql -u root -p . Enter your new password. You should enable to login as root.
  7. Logout the session: quit