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<b><big><big>Installing and Configuring MediaWiki</big></big></b>
<font face="Georgia">
MediaWiki is a free web application that allows people collaborate to contribute knowledge. It also allows a uneducated person to pretend a scholar; Moreover, people can rewrite copyright works to share them to public.
This page guides you installing and setting up MediaWiki. After the installation, you will setup a MySQL database account and a super user account. It assumes that you have installed MySQL server, and Apache server has been tested.
#Install php: <b><code><font color=green >yum install php</font></code></b>
#Install MediaWiki, downloaded size 72M, installed size 209 M: <b><code><font color=green >yum install mediawiki</font></code></b>
#Edit MediaWiki's httpd configuration file: <b><code><font color=purple >/etc/httpd/conf.d/mediawiki.conf.</font></code></b> Uncomment the first two Alias lines
#Restart Apache server: <b><code><font color=green >service httpd restart</font></code></b>
#Access <b><code>http://localhost/wiki</code></b>from a brower. The welcome page should display <b>(Figure 1)</b>.
#Before clicking the setup link, you need to add context <font color=brown ><code>httpd_sys_script_rw_t </code></font>type to <font color=brown ><code>/var/www/wiki/config</code></font> directory. It allows MediaWiki to read and write files inside config directory. Otherwise, crazy selinux will block the write process, and you will get error message <font color=red>“Can't write config file, aborting”.</font><b>(Figure 2)</b>
#*Add context:<b><code><font color=green > semanage fcontext -at  httpd_sys_script_rw_t "/var/www/wiki/config(/.*)?" </font></code></b>
#*Apply context: <b><code><font color=green >restorecon -vRF "/var/www/wiki/config" </font></code></b>
#Click the link <b>“set up the wiki”</b> in <code>http://localhost/wiki</code>
#Enter the setup information for MediaWiki:
#*Give a name for your wiki page
#*Enter your learn e-mail address as the contact information
#*Disable all useless e-mail features
#*Leave the database host as "localhost"
#*Set up a database password
#*Get MediaWiki to set up the superuser account by checking the appropriate box
#*Entering the MySQL root password.
#Push the <b>“Install MediaWiki”</b> button <b>(Figure 3)</b>. After one minute, this message should display <b>“Installation successful!”</b>
#Move the <b><code><font color=purple >config/LocalSettings.php</font></code></b> file to the parent directory.
#Click the finished link. The main page display <b>(Figure 4)</b>.
<big>Figure 1</big>
[[File:Wiki setup xyz.png | border ]]
<big>Figure 2</big>
[[File:Wiki config error xyz.png | border ]]
<big>Figure 3</big>
[[File:Wiki button xyz.png | border ]]
<big>Figure 4</big>
[[File:Wiki main xyz.png | border ]]
[[File:Mediawiki sunflower xyz.png]]

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