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<b><big><big>Installing and Configuring MediaWiki</big></big></b>
<b><big><big>Installing and Configuring MediaWiki</big></big></b>
[[File:Mediawiki sunflower xyz.png]]
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[[File:Wiki main xyz.png | border ]]
[[File:Wiki main xyz.png | border ]]
[[File:Mediawiki sunflower xyz.png]]

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Installing and Configuring MediaWiki

Mediawiki sunflower xyz.png


MediaWiki is a free web application that allows people collaborate to contribute knowledge. It also allows a uneducated person to pretend a scholar; Moreover, people can rewrite copyright works to share them to public.

This page guides you installing and setting up MediaWiki. After the installation, you will setup a MySQL database account and a super user account. It assumes that you have installed MySQL server, and Apache server has been tested.


  1. Install php: yum install php
  2. Install MediaWiki, downloaded size 72M, installed size 209 M: yum install mediawiki
  3. Edit MediaWiki's httpd configuration file: /etc/httpd/conf.d/mediawiki.conf. Uncomment the first two Alias lines
  4. Restart Apache server: service httpd restart
  5. Access http://localhost/wikifrom a brower. The welcome page should display (Figure 1).
  6. Before clicking the setup link, you need to add context httpd_sys_script_rw_t type to /var/www/wiki/config directory. It allows MediaWiki to read and write files inside config directory. Otherwise, crazy selinux will block the write process, and you will get error message “Can't write config file, aborting”.(Figure 2)
    • Add context: semanage fcontext -at httpd_sys_script_rw_t "/var/www/wiki/config(/.*)?"
    • Apply context: restorecon -vRF "/var/www/wiki/config"
  7. Click the link “set up the wiki” in http://localhost/wiki
  8. Enter the setup information for MediaWiki:
    • Give a name for your wiki page
    • Enter your learn e-mail address as the contact information
    • Disable all useless e-mail features
    • Leave the database host as "localhost"
    • Set up a database password
    • Get MediaWiki to set up the superuser account by checking the appropriate box
    • Entering the MySQL root password.
  9. Push the “Install MediaWiki” button (Figure 3). After one minute, this message should display “Installation successful!”
  10. Move the config/LocalSettings.php file to the parent directory.
  11. Click the finished link. The main page display (Figure 4).

Figure 1

Wiki setup xyz.png

Figure 2

Wiki config error xyz.png

Figure 3

Wiki button xyz.png

Figure 4

Wiki main xyz.png