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Tinderbox front page improvements

Revision as of 20:00, 13 November 2007 by Dominic (talk | contribs) (0.2 Release)

Project Information

Project Name

Tinderbox front page improvements

Project Description

Tinderbox is a web app showing the results of multiple machines building Firefox, running unit tests on it, and running performance tests on it, all on three different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). The display is very crowded right now, and can be difficult to read. In addition, some of the interesting information (changes in performance, for example) are hard to notice. The tinderbox server software recently was updated to include JSON output, which means that webpages can now easily access the data to build their own displays. Using this data, create a new display for the Tinderbox data that helps developers monitor the status of the builds and performance data.

Project Leader(s)

Project Contributor(s)

Michael Szutu

Project Details

We are currently looking for people who make use of Tinderbox to give their suggestions and comments on how it could be improved. Please include some specifics because the display has many areas which could be improved. Contribution ideas include what you believe would be the most important information presented, general annoyances, or things to make finding information easier on Tinderbox.

Either Leave your feedback below or contact me (Dominic) directly.


0.2 Goals

In the 0.2 release the major goal will be to implement the use of JSON output into the file found in tinderbox. The reason for this is that there is currently no way of extracting per tree information in an easy way. (IE. only the tinderbox panel.htm files are available) With the release of this 0.2 JSON fix I hope to now be able to remake my tinderbox interface and submit it for use.


I'm looking for people who could help me with:

  • JSON - A fairly new concept to me.
  • Someone to look over my code who knows perl (For efficiency and bugs)

0.2 Release

Not out yet..


0.1 Goals - Create index.html for

Since only redirects users to showbuilds.cgi there is no useful information presented to users immediately. The goal of the initial release will be to build a working index.html page based of Bug #366784 by Rob Helmer. The idea is to use the panels that are automatically generated by Tinderbox and put them into iFrames or the like to display a list of available trees for checkin. The idea is a layout that will look similar to the following figure.


0.1 Release

The 0.1 Release is done. I've uploaded the files to Bug #366784 and received much feedback from the community! I'm currently awaiting review of my code by Chris Seawood and then hopefully incorporation into Tinderbox will follow!


Bug list

  • Bug #366784 - Request to change Tinderbox front page layout
  • Bug #390341 - Support gzip encoding for Tinderbox
  • Bug #381104 - Large number of builds requires horizontal scrolling
  • Bug #400707 - Adding JSON output to

My bugs

Project News

September 17 2007