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== Project Releases ==
== Project Releases ==
[[Media:autoresizepic3.xpi | Version 0.3]]
[[Media:autoresizepic2.xpi | Version 0.2]]
[[Media:autoresizepic2.xpi | Version 0.2]]

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Project Name

Thunderbird Image Auto-Resize


An extension for Thunderbird that gives functionality similar to that of Outlook, where image attachments in an email can be automatically re-sized to a smaller size. This is helpful for users who would otherwise try to send megabytes of image data, when they can safely scale the images down and still share their pictures with friends.

Project Leader(s)

Zaid Ghansar My Blog

Project Contributor(s)

Alexander Schmitt
David Humphrey

Related bugs in bugzilla

Bug 401991

Important Project links

Line 2492 AttachFile() function
[1] SetActualSize() method
[2] doDimension enabling() method
imagemagick to work with image files

Project Releases

Version 0.3

Version 0.2

Version 0.1

Project Details

0.2 Version -

  The Addon now recognizes many file format for resizing.

0.1 Version -

  An Addon capable of handling only JPEG file format for resizing.

Project News


- So I am able to package a static build version of ImageMagick's "convert.exe" along with my Addon. Just when I was ready to 
  release this important update, the beta version of Thunderbird 3 has included Mozilla's image resizing code. With this I am now
  aiming to use that to have a much cleaner addon for image resizing.


- I am trying to use the nsIProcess to use a Open Source command line
  program called ImageMagick. When successful 
  it can resize the other formats that are only detected right now.

0.2 released:

- The addon can now detect the following file formats: JPEG PNG JPG DPX EXR GIF SVG TIFF BMP
- The JPEG and JPG attachments issue is fixed and works well for resizing them.
- Other formats are detected but cannot be resized in this release.

0.2 expectations:

 - I would like to now add the ability to detect all of the major picture formats as currently it only triggers on JPEG formats. 
 - Fix the javascript errors in 0.1.


  Finalizing the 0.2 release features.


  Released the 0.1 version. Although not the latest version I have, this is the one that works, the changes after this have 
  caused some java script error which I am in the process of fixing.


  Compiling the extension to upload the 0.1 release. Some javascript errors are popping. I think it is due to the CR/LF problem.


  Modified the 0.1 deliverable based on current status.


  Added some more links. Found that Thunderbird allows you to customize the size of the embedded image, they have a dialog for it.
  It is in the file -> mozilla/ editor/ ui/ dialogs/ content/ EdImageOverlay.js
  This is BIG boost to my search and looks like will make things much easier. 0.1 release now seems closer.


  Added some links to Mozila Bugs related to my project and other important links


  Found some extensions that do similar things in Thunderbird, will be of great help to this project

25/Sep/08 -

  So I was finally able to add my simple extension into Thunderbird. Now to study how to get the
  extension onto the compose mail screen.

20/Sep/08 -

  First step is to make a simple extension in Thunderbird, unfortunately was not able to do so
  successfully on the first run. Still poking at it.

15/Sep/08 -

  Created Initial project page