Thunderbird Draft Scheduler Extension

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Project Name

Thunderbird Draft Scheduler Extension

Project Description

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Project Leader(s)

James Evangelista

Project Contributor(s)

Timothy Duavis Chinmay Patel

Project Details

Basically what this extension will do is allow the user to schedule a time when they want their email sent. This can be done in the message window with the edited Send button (now a menu button) and through the menu bar. It can also be scheduled by right clicking a message in the drafts/not sent section in the main window.


0.1 - UI - Get the UI up and working with minimal functionality

0.2 - scheduling/sending

Project News

10/07/08 - simple hack session with Timothy. Made changes to an existing extension.
09/19/08 - linked up with vivian and emailed back and forth... set up a meeting on Tuesday
09/19/08 - Quick chat with humph, going to link up with vivian for more details on the project.
09/19/08 - Created this project page