The Scurvy Curs

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The Scurvy Curs (Team XV)

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%      
Individual work: 50% +    
Total           100%


  • repo Github id:

Team Members

The Scurvy Curs (Team XV)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id Github ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Saro Avakian B savakian1 Github:saro-avakian Savakian1 skullman Skullman's Blog
Marcus Gauer A mgauer Github:gauer Marcus Gauer wizardsgambit Epic Adventures
Samuel Azan B sbazan Github:samuel-azan Samuel Benjamin Azan samuel-azan Sam OOP344
Kieran Sedgwick A ksedgwick Github:ksedge Kieran Sedgwick ksedge k.sedge Does OOP344

Issues and Status

Milestone 0.1
Issue # Description Assigned To Pull Request Completed?
1 Add console class Marcus Kieran Y
2.1 CField Mock-up Class Marcus Yoav Y
2.2 CLabel Mock-up Class Kieran Samuel N
2.3 CDialog Mock-up Class Kieran Yoav N
2.4 CLineEdit Mock-up Class Yoav Kieran N
2.5 CButton Mock-up Class Yoav Marcus N
2.6 CValEdit Mock-up Class Saro Kieran N
2.7 CCheckMark Mock-up Class Saro Marcus N
2.8.1 Add Text Class to the project Sam Saro N
2.8.2 CText Mock-up Class Sam Saro N
2.9 CCheckList Mock-up Class Marcus Saro N

Coding Rules

All of our code must follow the following standards.


  • When creating header files remember to protect them by using ifndef.

#pragma once

#ifndef __XX_FILENAME_H__  //where XX is your initials and FILENAME is the name of the file

#define __XX_FILENAME_H__ 



  • Always always always simplify code so it is easily readable! E.G.
c += !!(valid);  // NOT THIS

if (valid) {   // INSTEAD THIS
  • If confusing code cannot be avoided, comment it! E.G.
c += !!(validNames);  // If [validNames] is true (greater than 0), [c] is increased by one.


  • All indents must be composed of two space characters E.G.
Where . = space

First code level
..Second code level
....Third Code level
..Second code level
....Third Code level
......Fourth Code level
....Third code level
..Second code level
First code level
  • All variables must be declared on separate lines E.G.
int i, j, k;  // NOT THIS

int i; // INSTEAD THIS
int j;
int k;
  • Code blocks are formatted like the following:
if (condition) {
  // THIS


if (condition) 
  • Conditions for logic statements (if, while etc.) must be spaced like the following:
if (a > b)  // Brackets wrap a simple condition


if ( (strlen(blah) - 1) > methodA(b) ) // If statement brackets are 1 space away from conditions
  • ELSE statements must be spaced like the following:

if (condition) {
  // Code here
}  < -------- THIS!
else {
  // Code here


if (condition) {
  // Code here
} else {  <------------ NOT THIS!
  // Code here


  • Before a method/function E.G.
 * methodName *
 * Concise description of purpose *
void methodName ( type paramName ) {
  • Before and after blocks of logic E.G.
main() {
    // End (CODE BLOCK PURPOSE HERE - Optional, depending on length of code block)
  • After lengthy logic constructs (if, while, for etc.) E.G.
if (condition) {

  // many lines of code

} // End-if < -------- THIS PART


  • latest will be on top
  1. topic and date1
  2. topic and date2